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About Rally AK

Rally AK's backstory starts in July 2020 during the heat of dip net season amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown as Alaskans turned out in droves to enjoy all that Alaska offers. More than 24,000 Alaskans enjoyed their ability to obtain permits and proceeded to harvest hundreds of thousands of salmon from the 49th State's rivers.


Our family of eight camped at the Kasilof beach access parking lot in the last spot available to fit our motorhome, in front of the dumpsters.  Many fellow Alaskans followed suit and soon enough there were cars, motorhomes, and tents parked in every available spot; it was packed, to say the least.  The amount of trash from so many Alaskans enjoying the Last Frontier was enormous and the way it was handled was atrocious as dumpsters overflowed onto Alaska. 


Our family could not believe some of our fellow Alaskans neglected their responsibility to protect and preserve Alaska with a "Pack it in & Pack it out" mentality.   Our love of Alaska inspired and created Rally AK & Save AK Spots empowering Alaskans to help preserve the Last Frontier through apparel and environmental solutions and programs. 


Rally AK believes everyone deserves a trash-free experience in Alaska which is why our mission is to unite Alaskans against litter. 

Inspired by the 49th State, Rally AK designs apparel with AK Way slogans and images that promote proactive conservation habits and responsible waste disposal behaviors. 

That same AK inspiration is why Rally AK created a sale-based nonprofit donation partnership with Save AK Spots💙.  This partnership is helping fund environmental solutions and programs that get AK youth involved in positively impacting Alaska's environmental health.


Rally AK's vision to unite Alaskans for Alaska through a positive peer-to-peer influence movement promoting an anti-litter campaign dubbed

"The AK Way Revolution".

 By creating a network of Alaskans working together to preserve Alaska's legacy as the Last Frontier true and lasting change will be achieved.

AK Way Creed

I am Alaskan and I live by
AK Way Values.
I have respect for Alaska's environmental health.
I am accountable for my actions.
I am loyal to the preservation of Alaska's legacy as the Last Frontier.
I am a leader by demonstrating these values to others.
Do you choose the AK Way?
I am Alaskan and I live the AK Way.



AK Way Values




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