Rally AK produces AK Way apparel that promotes the AK Way Revolution and donates to Save AK Spots, 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization, teaching AK Way stewardship to Alaskan youth.

 Rally AK and Save AK Spots are embarking on a mission to fund the improvement of Alaska’s environmental health by educating Alaskan youth on ways to be AK Way stewards protecting and preserving the natural resources the Last Frontier offers each of us.  

About Rally AK

Save AK Spots and Rally AK’s mission to help Alaska was planted in our hearts and minds in July 2020 during salmon dip net season amid the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.  Travel restrictions were in full force rerouting typically out-of-state vacation plans back to AK resulting in an unusually high number of Alaskans enjoying all that AK had to offer during dip net season at Kasilof Beach.  More than 24,000 beautiful Alaskans enjoyed their ability to obtain permits to dip net to harvest hundreds of thousands of salmon from the 49th State's rivers to feed their families and friends.  

The amount of trash from so many Alaskans enjoying the Last Frontier was enormous and the way it was handled was atrocious.  We could not believe our eyes as dumpsters overflowed onto our beloved homeland leaving more questions than answers. Our family could not accept the fact that some of our fellow Alaskans neglected their responsibility to protect and preserve Alaska’s environmental health with the AK Way "Pack it in & Pack it out" mentality. 

Our love for Alaska and this experience inspired the creation of Rally AK and Save AK Spots, a partnership borne from a mission to impact Alaska and Alaskans alike; it is the passion that drives everything within our company and organization. 

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